Stretcher-Leveler Line

Superior Material Flatness Is Our Specialty


Our advanced stretcher leveling equipment and technology enables us to eliminate flatness problems in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet and plate. Our Red Bud Industries Stretcher Leveler can level up through ½” thick and 72” wide material. Our state-of-the-art stretcher leveler includes two Bradbury roller levelers, one with e-Drive technology.


Our equipment stretches the material 100% beyond its yield point. As a result, it produces sheet and plate that is “panel-flat-that-stays-flat” after processing. Improved product quality, increased manufacturing throughput and productivity, all result in reduced operating costs for our customers. Our stretcher leveling expertise ensures you receive carbon steel “panel-flat-that-stays-flat” sheet and plate, stainless steel “panel-flat-that-stays-flat” sheet and plate and aluminum  “panel-flat-that-stays-flat” sheet and plate.


When the total operation includes laser cutting, forming, welding, and finished assembly, our enhanced stretcher leveling capabilities produce “panel-flat-that-stays-flat” sheet and plate to your exact specifications at a reduced operating cost. Our customers also benefit from improved nesting, increased yield of finished parts, lower scrap costs, and more consistent bending. Stretcher leveling also facilitates faster and more precise welding and easier assembly of finished parts.


We are proud of our innovative stretcher leveling process, dedicated co-workers, and loyal customers. Our goal is to provide customers superior flatness, lower operating costs, and more profitable production for their carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet and plate.