Carbon Steel

High Steel Service Center is proud to offer a wide variety of carbon steel products, including hot rolled steel sheet & coil, hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet & coil, high strength steel sheet & coil, cold-rolled steel sheet & coil, pre-painted steel sheet & coil, galvanized carbon steel sheet & coil, galvannealed steel sheet & coil, plate, bars, shapes, pipes, beams, and tubing.


Markets & applications:

Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer, a fabricator, or work in a job shop environment we can supply you with carbon steel metals that improve your product quality, increase manufacturing throughput, and help to reduce operating costs. Some of the industries include Agriculture, Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Containers & Packaging, Electrical Equipment, Energy, Heavy Equipment, HVAC, Motors, Oil & Gas as well as many others.


Hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet & coil:

Steel sheet is processed in coil form to its final thickness by rolling the coil at high temperatures on a hot-rolling mill. This process can be taken a step further by pickling and oiling, which is a method of removing the surface oxides and applying an oil to improve lubricity and provide a more rust-resistant product.


Hot-rolled steel sheet & coil:

Steel sheet is processed in coil form to its final thickness by rolling at high temperatures on a hot-rolling mill. As a reliable steel coil service center, we’re glad to provide you with options for you to evaluate and choose the grade for your hot rolled steel sheet and coil applications.


Cold-rolled steel sheet & coil:

This is hot-rolled steel that has been cold-rolled in coil form to its specified final thickness at room temperature and may be supplied as fully processed (annealed) or full hard.


Pre-painted steel sheet & coil:

Coil coating is the continuous and highly automated industrial process for efficiently coating coils of metal. Because the metal is treated before it is cut and formed, the entire surface is cleaned and treated, providing tightly bonded finishes. Finished parts can have many holes, recessed areas, valleys, and hidden areas that make it difficult to clean and uniformly paint. Coil coated metal (often called pre-painted metal) is often considered more durable and more corrosion-resistant than most post painted metal. With paint applied to both sides of the sheet or coil through a robust coil coating process, pre-painted steel sheet, and coil are highly corrosion resistant. They are used in various applications, including heating and air conditioning, metal roofing, and garage doors.


Galvanized steel sheet & coil:

This refers to steel sheet coated in coil form with a thin layer of zinc to increase its corrosion resistance. The galvanizing is done through a hot-dip operation.


Galvannealed steel sheet & coil:

Here an extra tight coating of galvanizing metal (zinc) is applied to a soft steel sheet in coil form, after which the sheet is passed through an oven. The coating is dull gray without spangle.

High Steel Service Center offers the following value-added processing services for carbon steel:

  • Stretcher Leveling
  • Precision Multi-Cut Blanking
  • Slitting
  • Shearing