The High Companies are home to a robust workforce that gives back to the community and pushes boundaries for highly impactful projects. We aim for our people to not only think of us as a means to make a living but also embrace us as an impetus of change, grounded in family-centered culture and customer-oriented solutions.

Our co-workers’ ambition, contributions, and innovative ideas define our company’s success. If you join our engaging team, exciting opportunities lie ahead, including personal and professional development, powerful community involvement, and sustainability efforts. In the end, our mission to create, improve and perfect our services and products is a result of our team-oriented culture, employee ingenuity, and aptitude to learn and execute groundbreaking solutions.

Being part of High means having the opportunity to build a better community with high-quality workmanship, products, and services. It also means dignity, respect, prosperity, and financial stability for all our valued team members. If you’re on the lookout for job openings in Lancaster, PA, High is always eager to onboard talented individuals who uphold on-time delivery and outstanding customer satisfaction as their core values. 

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