The High Companies Sustainability Statement

The purpose of this statement is to provide the framework for driving our goal setting, management and documentation of progress in all facets of sustainability — social, environmental and economic.


Core Values

Our commitment to sustainability is guided by the principles conveyed in The High Philosophy.

The High Philosophy

Every company dreams its dreams and sets its standards.

These are ours . . .

We are committed to two great tasks:

1.   Building Trustworthy Relationships.

·   Valuing our customers and meeting their needs.

·   Respecting the dignity of all co-workers and their families.

·   Energizing our teamwork with participative management.

·   Recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments of our co-workers.

·   Strengthening our partnership with suppliers.

·   Contributing to a world of beauty and prosperity and peace.


2.   Being Innovative Leaders.

·   Creating an environment for innovation since 1931.

·   “Right the first time” - High quality products and services.

·   Investing profits to secure our future.


                                                We Give Good Measure


Our Commitment

Sustainability means taking a holistic approach to the social, environmental and economic aspects of business and being responsible stewards of valuable resources. It also means helping customers accomplish their own similar goals. Our commitment comes to life through a process of planning, defined actions, measuring progress and continuous improvement.

Areas of Focus



To be one of the best places to work in the communities in which we do business.



To be each other’s keeper in assuring a safe work environment.



To encourage co-workers to serve within their communities.


To align with our core value of being an exemplary corporate citizen.  



To improve the condition of the environment, where possible, and continuously work to minimize our effect on it.  


To offer products and services that help customers and partners meet their sustainability goals.


Purpose through Service and Success

To provide valuable partnership and innovative, high-quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers and drive our success. 


Through our achievements within this framework, we succeed as an organization with greater purpose for our people, our community and our world. 


High Steel Service Center's New Specifications

High Steel Service Center is developing new standards that include progressive, environmentally friendly specifications. A few examples of the new specifications include energy-efficient lighting, updated heating systems, white-roof replacement, recyclable product wrapping and reusable skids.

Green Initiative
As a component of the High companies' holistic approach to sustainability, the Green Initiative is a progressive, comprehensive, environmentally responsible approach to the activities used to design, produce and deliver the organization's products and services and also to help its customers achieve their sustainability objectives. Members of High Steel Service Center participate on the High companies' ECO Task Force that promotes environmental stewardship throughout the organization. The objective of the task force is to encourage the three “Rs” – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
We are proud to say that the High companies have developed teams of LEED®-accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professionals and Green Advantage® program-certified professionals. This expertise allows us to assist clients in creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly projects.

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