High Steel Service Center LLC's stretcher leveler, combined with E-Drive technology, assures customers the flattest possible sheet steel and aluminum for fabrication.

January 31,2014

How "HIGHSL Panel-Flat That Stays Flat" Stretcher Leveled Sheet & Plate Came to the Marketplace

Flatness problems are the number one issue for laser processors and sheet & plate fabricators

What we learned was that the number one issue customers identified was the need to eliminate internal stresses to provide panel flat material that remains flat after processing. This was becoming the minimum expectation for original equipment manufacturers and metal fabricators that have laser processors, plasma burners, water jet machines, turret presses or that provided bending, forming, welding and finished product assembly.

We visited non-competing service centers in the Mid-West that had stretcher levelers for the past 5 to 10 years, and those centers confirmed it had in fact become the price of admission to the market place and a conditional requirement for anyone assigning a high priority to the elimination of internal stresses to provide material that remained flat after processing. We discovered this capability also had become a requirement in other parts of the United States and around the world

Our commitment to providing the best solution

Our company decided to invest the required $10 million to support our customer’s profitable growth by providing for them a cost-driven solution that would also differentiate High Steel Service Center from any other service center in their geographic footprint. Today we are the only service center north of Tennessee, east of Cleveland, and south of Ontario with a Red Bud Industries stretcher leveler — and the only service center in the United States with the combination of technology that is fully operational that includes two in-line Bradbury roller levelers, one of which has their advanced e-Drive technology.

Our new line can process a thickness range of .060 through .500 thick up to 72″ wide by 480″ lengths. Contact us if you’d like to discuss this capability further, or feel free to comment here on our blog.


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