HSSC2468 Stretcher Leveler Grasps

Red Bud Industries’ stretcher leveler technology precisely grasps the sheet or plate, up to ½” thick.

November 12,2014

Knowing the advantages and benefits of “HIGHSL Panel-Flat that Stays Flat” sheet and plate

<p>One of the key emerging trends in our steel service center industry is the need to eliminate internal stresses and flatness problems in sheet and plate. We surveyed our customers and they confirmed that their number one headache is “flatness problems and the elimination of internal stresses.”</p> <p>We responded by investing $10 million in a state-of-the-art Red Bud Industries stretcher leveler that is equipped with two in-line Bradbury roller levelers, one of which has advanced e-Drive technology. This advanced technology can process material from .060 through .500 thick up to 72″ wide by 480″ long. Our line is currently the only processing line of its type in the United States providing the highest level of flatness available in the industry, exceeding that of temper mills and stretcher levelers with only flatteners or straighteners.</p> <p>Our customers have identified 14 advantages and benefits of their “HIGHSL Panel Flat that Stays Flat” sheet and plate, and we’ve received an extensive list of customer testimonials for this cost-driven solution that has enabled our customers to improve their finished product quality while reducing their total operating costs.</p> <p>Below is that list of 14 advantages and benefits identified by our customers after using our sheet and plate. Let us know if you’ve discovered any additional advantages using our product, or if you have any questions or insight to add. We’d love to hear from you.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Eliminates internal stresses in your sheet and plate.</li> <li>Eliminates flatness problems with sheet and plate which is the number one reported issue and headache for laser processors and sheet and plate fabricators.</li> <li>Improves your finished product flatness quality.</li> <li>Increases your manufacturing throughput by eliminating internal stresses and flatness problems.</li> <li>Increases your productivity by eliminating internal stresses and flatness problems.</li> <li>Reduces your operating costs by eliminating internal stresses and flatness problems.</li> <li>Reduced scrap costs.</li> <li>Improved nesting and yield.</li> <li>Flat parts can be welded faster and more precisely. This saves time and reduces your operating costs.</li> <li>Eliminates warping and minimizes the need to adjust press brakes to achieve desired bends. Ensures more consistent bends.</li> <li>Improves efficiency and cycle time when the total operation includes laser processing, bending, welding and finished assembly.</li> <li>The flatter the single parts are at the beginning the better the single components can be assembled later on. This saves time and improves finished product quality.</li> <li>Minimize distortion when heat is applied to material during welding.</li> <li>High Steel Service Center has invested $10 million to provide you a cost driven solution and innovation to support your profitable growth.</li> </ul>


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