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September 10,2012

HIGHSL Featured in Coil World Magazine

<p><span><em><a href="/imagevault/publishedmedia/pprvxcpbwv2g49pxtg2z/Coil_World_July_Aug_Edition.pdf">Coil World</a>&nbsp;</em>has featured High Steel Service Center and new&nbsp;<strong>HIGH<span><em>SL</em></span></strong><span><strong>&nbsp;- Panel-Flat that Stays Flat.&nbsp;</strong>The trade magazine focues on our unique combination of Red Bud Industries stretcher leveler and Bradbury roller leveler technology which assures our customers of 100 percent stress-free sheet and plate steel.</span></span></p> <p><span>"We learned that our customers' number one problem was obtaining products that remain flat after processing. Flatness was a key issue for customers that use laser-processing equipment including OEMs, laser processors, sheet metal fabricators, and anyone who assigns a high value to the elimination of internal stress and flatness problems," says Jim Cunningham, vice president of sales and marketing.</span></p> <p><span>To satisfy laser processors, as well as OEMs, sheet-metal fabricators, and others concered about flatness, High Steel Service Center decided to invest $10 million in a state-of-the-art production line. The new equipment includes a Red Bud Industries stretcher leveler and two Bradbury in-line roller levelers, one with Bradbury's proprietary e-Drive technology. High Steel Service Center is the only service center in its market geography with this combination of leveling technology.</span></p> <p><span>The new line stretches 100% of the material beyond its yield point by pulling it in one direction. Unlike coil steel from stretcher levelers with straighteners, flatteners, temper mills, or tension leveling lines the Bradbury e-Drive roller leveler assists the stretcher leveler in complete removal of coil set and crossbow, important in heavier gauges and at higher yields, and generates about 50 percent of the energy it consumes.&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="/imagevault/publishedmedia/pprvxcpbwv2g49pxtg2z/Coil_World_July_Aug_Edition.pdf">Read More</a></span></p>


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